Fingerprint Communications is a creative solutions company that specializes in helping you identify and communicate your Brand Fingerprint. Unlike most traditional marketing firms, we don’t think in terms of specific marketing disciplines, departments or profit centres – we simply think. And to help our thinking, we chant a simple mantra: “What if? What if? What if?”


You’re a small to mid-sized company or organization looking for a marketing breakthrough that will help to propel you to the top of your category. You provide a quality product, service or social message that you feel hasn’t yet reached its full potential in terms of consumer awareness or uptake and, while you don’t have millions to spend, you’re ready to try something new and bold to break through.

You want to work with a small, experienced team that will take the time to get to know you. You want personal, hands-on service. You want to know there is someone else up at night thinking about your marketing challenges – and not just the night before a presentation. You want a confidant, someone you can trust with your brand.


The work we do for you will likely be nothing like the work we’ve done for anyone else. We take a custom approach to every project to find the right creative solutions to meet your unique marketing needs – from traditional advertising to online to mobile. Be prepared to explore new options and ideas because true success rarely comes from following the status quo.